Ministry of Finance 财政部

Minister 部长Xie Xuren 谢旭人

Minister 部长

Male, born in October 1947 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province; graduated from the Education College of Zhejiang University, with Master Degree in Industrial Economics,

1967-1981 Technician, Section Chief and then Deputy Director of Ningbo Zhenhai Machinery Factory of Zhejiang Province;

1981-1984 studied at Zhejiang University;

1984-1985 Deputy Chief of Yuyao County and Chief of Yin County of Zhejiang Province;

1986-1990 Director of Investment Office, Director of Comprehensive Planning Office and then Deputy Commissioner and Member of the CPC Leading Group of Planning and Economic Commission of Zhejiang Province;

1990-1995 Deputy Director-General of Budget Department, Director-General of Comprehensive Planning Department, Director-General of Policy and Reform Department, and then Assistant Minister and Member of the CPC Leading Group of Ministry of Finance (MOF);

1995-1998 Vice Minister and Member the CPC Leading Group of MOF;

1998-2000 President and Secretary of CPC Committee of Agricultural Development Bank of China;

2000-2001 Deputy Secretary of the CPC Central Financial Working Committee;

2001-2003 Deputy Commissioner and Deputy Secretary of CPC Leading Group of State Economic and Trade Commission;

2003-2007 Minister of and Secretary of CPC Leading Group of State Administration of Taxation

2007-today, Minister and Secretary of CPC Leading Group of MOF

Alternate Member of the 16th CPC Central Committee and Member of 17th CPC Central Committee.





1984年至1985年,任浙江省余姚县副县长、 鄞县县长。

1986 年至1990年,任浙江省计经委党组成员、投资办主任,综合计划办主任,计经委副主任。

1990年至1995年,任财政部预算司副司长,综合计划司司长,综合与改革司司长,党组成员、 部长助理。








Minister 部长

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