Ministry of Land and Resources 国土资源部

Minister 部长Xu Shaoshi 徐绍史

Minister 部长

1969-1971 “educated youth” in Wangqing County, Jilin Province, later, worked in Wangqing County Food Factory, Luozigou Commune, and the Industrial Department of the County;

From March 1977 to March 1980, studied at the Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Section of the Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Department of Jilin Geosciences College;

1980 carder of the Policy, Law and Regulation Study Office, Secretary to the Minister, Deputy Director and, later, Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Geology and Minerals;

1991-1993 assigned to work as the Deputy Director General of Guangdong Geology and Mineral Department, and in November 1992, also acted as the Director General of Shenzhen Geology Department

1993 Deputy Director General and, later, Director General of the 1st Secretary Department of the State Council;

2000 Vice Secretary General and Member of CPC Leading Group of the State Council;

2007-today Minister, Member of CPC Leading Group of the Ministry Land and Resources, and State Land Inspector General;

2007 elected as the Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee.









Minister 部长

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