Ministry of Agriculture 农业部

Minister 部长Sun Zhengcai 孙政才

Minister 部长

Born in 1963 in Rongcheng, Shandong Province; joined the CPC in 1988, started work in 1987, Post-graduate in Crop Cultivation and Tillage Science at the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry College, with Ph. D in Agronomy and Researcher Title;

Deputy Director of Crop Research Office of the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry College, Director and Secretary of CPC Committee of the Soil and Fertilizer Institute, Vice President and Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry College; Deputy Secretary, Deputy County Chief, Acting County Chief and Country Chief of Shunyi County, Beijing; Deputy Secretary and Director of Shunyi District of Beijing;

2002 Secretary of CPC Committee of Shunyi District, Beijing;

2002 Standing Committee Member of CPC Beijing Committee, Secretary-general of Beijing Municipality Government;

2006 Minister and Secretary of CPC Leading Group of the Ministry of Agriculture;

2008 Appointed as the Minister of Agriculture at the 1st Session of the 11th NPC;

Member the 17th CPC Central Committee.









Minister 部长

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