Ministry of Health 卫生部

Minister 部长Chen Zhu 陈竺

Minister 部长

1953 Born in Shanghai;

1970 Started working with non party status, as member of the 10th CPPCC;

1981 Master Degree at the Shanghai No. 2 Medical College;

1989 Doctor Degree at the Paris No. 7 University of France;

1990 Professor at the Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai No. 2 Medical University (Medical College of Shanghai Communication University);

1995 Academic Member of the China Science Academy;

1998 Director of National Human Genome Southern Research Center, as the Chief Scientist of State “973” Program; having high achievements in the fields of hematology and molecule biology, achieving breakthrough results; won the Luvreze Prize of French Anti Cancer Union, the Second Tier Prize of State Science and Technology Progress and many other awards, Academic Member of the Third World Science Academy, Foreign Academic Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Foreign Academic Member of the American Science Academy and Academic Member of the French Academy of Sciences;

2000 Vice Chairman of the China Academy of Science;

2007-present Minister of Health.










Minister 部长

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