Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security 人力资源和社会保障部

Minister 部长Yin Weimin 尹蔚民

Minister 部长

Male, born in 1953 in Lingshou, Hebei Province. On-job Postgraduate of Economics. Started work in 1969, joined CPC in 1973;

1970-1971 Studied in Aerial Field Control Survey Department of the PLA Institute of Surveying and Mapping;

1978 Member of Economic Cadres Bureau of Organization Department, Deputy Director of Light Industry Transportation Section, Deputy Director of Section 5, Cadres Bureau of CPC Central Committee, Secretary (Deputy Director Rank) of General Office of Organization Department;

1987 Deputy Director, then Director of Section 4, Foreign Affairs Cadres Bureau of Organization Department; Deputy Director-General, then Director-General of Foreign Affairs Cadres Bureau; Director-General of Scientific and Technical Personnel Bureau of Organization Department; Director-General of Section 4, Cadres Bureau of Organization Department cum Minister of Enterprise cadres work office;

2000-2005 Vice-minister and member of the CPC Leading Group of Personnel Department;

2005 Vice-minister and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Leading Group of Ministry of Human Resources;

2007 Minister of Ministry of Human Resources;

2008-today Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security cum Director-General of Civil Service Bureau;

Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee.











Minister 部长

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