China 中国
National Emblem 国徽


National Emblem 国徽


The National Emblem of the P.R.C. contains a representation of Tiananmen Gate under the shining of the five stars in the middle, encircled by the wheat ears and gear wheels which symbolize the peasant class and the working class respectively. It uses the five stars as in the national flag, to represent the national unity of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and to vividly depict that the New China in nature is a socialist country under democratic dictatorship built on the foundation of working class leadership and worker-peasant alliance. The emblem was mounted on the Tiananmen Gate on the occasion of the first anniversary of the People’s Republic.


In June 18th, 1950, the 2nd Plenary Session of the 1st CPPCC National Committee approved the national emblem of the P.R.C. and explanations on the related designs. On September 20th the same year, Chairman Mao Zedong issued the order to promulgate the national emblem of the P.R.C.


On March 2nd, 1991, the 18th Plenary Session of the 7th NPC Standing Committee adopted the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the National Emblem, which was then promulgated for implementation by order of the President of P.R.C. on October 1st, 1991.


The national emblem is the badge representing the state and a symbol of the nation.









National Emblem 国徽
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