General Administration of Customs 中国海关总署
 Minister 署长
Sheng Guangzu
Male, born in 1949 in Jiangning Jiangsu province, Han Nationality, CPC member, graduated from average class in university. Now Minister and Secretary of the Party Group (minister level) of the China Customs Office, Chief Supervisor of Customs.   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副署长

Li Kenong


Sun Songpu


 Wang Songhe



Lu Peijun

Lv Bin


Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动

1、吴建融,拟任上海市发展和改革委员会副主任、市物价局局长。 周亚,拟任上海市发展和改革委员会副主任。(2009-7-13)
Wu Jianrong is planned to be appointed Director of Shanghai's Development and Reform Bureau and Price Bureau. Zhou Ya is planned to be appointed Deputy Director of Shanghai's Development and Reform Bureau. (2009-7-13)


Ji Chuntang was relieved of duties as deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress by Hebei Provincial Standing Committee; Xia Zhengui was relieved of duties as deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress by Shanxi Provincial Standing Committee.(2009-06-29)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To formulate guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and development programs on customs work and organize their implementation, supervision and inspection.
2. To study and formulate byelaws and detailed rules of implementation for customs duty collection and administration, organize and implement the collection and administration of import and export duties and other taxes and fees, execute law-based counter-dumping and counter-vailing measures.
3. To organize and conduct supervision and administration on transport vehicles, cargos, luggage and post articles and other goods crossing borders, study and formulate supervision and management systems for processing trade, bonded areas, bonded warehouses, bonded factories and other bonded operations and organize their implementations.
4. To study and formulate the Commodity Classification Catalogue of Import and Export Goods, formulate origin rules for import and export commodities, organize and implement the customs protection of intellectual property rights.
5. To compile the statistics of nationwide import and export trade, release statistic information about nationwide import and export trade.
6. To undertake centrally the cracking down on smuggling, organize the investigation and punishment of smuggling cases, organize customs suppression on smuggling, take charge of the monitoring, detention, arrests and preliminary hearings in regard of smuggling crime cases.
7. To establish regulations and rules for customs inspections and organize the implementation accordingly.
8. To study and formulate overall programs for the ports open-up to the outside and the detailed and standardized measures and methods for ports and examine and approve open-ups for ports.
9. To carry out vertical management of customs offices across the nation, manage the nation’s customs department establishments, staffing, payrolls and welfare, education and training as well as appointments and dismissals of leaders under the Customs Office.
10. To study and formulate development programs for customs S&T, organize and implement the administration of customs information technology, manage the fiscal funds, fixed assets and capital construction of the customs.
11. To conduct international cooperation and exchanges in respect of customs affairs.
12. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the State Council.
1. 研究拟定海关工作的方针、政策、法律、法规和发展规划并组织实施和监督检查。
2. 研究拟定关税征管条例及实施细则,组织实施进出口关税及其他税费的征收管理,依法执行反倾销、反补贴措施。
3. 组织实施进出境运输工具、货物、行邮物品和其他 物品的监管,研究拟定加工贸易、保税区、保税仓库、保税工厂及其他保税业务的监管制度并组织实施。
4. 研究拟定进出口商品分类目录,拟定进出口商品原产地规则,组织实施知识产权海关保护。
5. 编制国家进出口贸易统计,发布国家进出口贸易统计信息。
6. 统一负责打击走私工作,组织查处走私案件,组织实施海关缉私,负责对走私犯罪案件进行侦查、拘留、执行逮捕、预审工作。
7. 制定海关稽查规章制度,组织实施海关稽查。
8. 研究拟定口岸对外开放的整体规划及口岸规范的具体措施和办法,审理口岸开放。
9. 垂直管理全国海关,管理全国海关的组织机构、人员编制、工资福利、教育培训及署管干部任免。
10. 研究拟定海关科技发展规划,组织实施海关信息化管理,管理全国海关经费、固定资产和基本建设。
11. 开展海关领域的国际合作与交流。
12. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
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