Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交部
 Minister 部长
Yang Jiechi
1950年5月生,上海市人,历史学博士。1968年9月参加工作,1971年12月加入中国共产党。 1968出国学习集训班学习, 1973年1月至1975年6月在英国伦敦政治经济学院国际关系专业学习。1975年6月任外交部翻译室科员。1983年2月起先后任驻美国使馆二秘、一秘、参赞,1987年6月任外交部翻译室参赞兼处长,1990年1月起先后任外交部美大司参赞兼处长、副司长。
Born in Shanghai in May 1950, history PhD; started work in September 1968; joined the Chinese Communist Party in December 1971; In 1968, studied at the concentrated training class for diplomatic work in foreign countries; From January 1973 to June 1975, studied international relations at the London Political and Economic Institute of Great Britain; From June1975, worked as staff member in the Department of Translation and Interpretation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)...   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副部长

Wang Guangya

Zhang Zhijun

Wu Dawei

Lu Guozeng

Li Jinzhang

Li Hui



He Yafei




Assistant Ministers 部长助理







Zhai Jun

翟 隽

Wu Hongbo


Hu Zhengyue






Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
1、 崔世安当选为澳门特区第三任行政长官人选。(2009.7.26) Chui Sai On was elected the third-term Chief Executive of Macao SAR. (2009.7.26) 2、 香港特区政府康乐及文化事务署署长周达明将于今年8月17日出任发展局常任秘书长,接替休假后前往海外进修的杨立门;特区政府新闻处处长冯程淑仪将于今年8月31日出任康乐及文化事务署署长;特区政府教育局副秘书长黄伟纶将于今年8月31日出任新闻处处长;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂德权将于今年8月15日出任社会福利署署长;特区政府土地注册处处长苏启龙将于今年8月10日出任效率促进组专员;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂世兰将于今年8月24日出任土地注册处处长。(2009.7.21) Zhou Daming, Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department, will take the office of Permanent Secretary for Development Bureau. Feng Cheng Shuyi, Director General of the Information Service Department, will take office of Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department. Huang Weilun, Deputy Secretary of the Education Bureau, will take office of Director of the Information Service Department. Nie Dequan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of Director of the Social Welfare Department. Su Qilong, Director of the Land Registry, will take office of Commissioner of the Efficiency Unit. Nie Shilan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of the Director of the Land Registry. (2009.7.21)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To investigate and study international situations and information about various foreign countries, keep timely abreast of major development tendencies, in order to provide information and suggestions for the CPC Central Committee and the central government to formulate diplomatic strategies, guidelines, policies and tactics.
2. To handle diplomatic affairs on behalf of the country and government.
3. To be responsible for the centralized administration of foreign related affairs on behalf of the State Council or by authorization.
4. To conduct investigation and research on international economic situations, gather major information about international economic events, foreign economic systems and laws, in order to facilitate the economic construction and reform and open up of our country.
5. To coordinate, with relevant departments, on the important publicity issues of foreign trade, economic cooperation, aid to foreign countries, military assistance, military trade, overseas Chinese affairs, culture and education, science and technology, from the point of view of diplomatic policies and country relations, report related information and put forward suggestions to the CPC Central Committee and the central government.
6. To implement guidelines and policies of the CPC Central Committee and the central government concerning multi-lateral diplomacy, put forward suggestions to the CPC Central Committee and the central government with regard to UN affairs as well as major issues of human rights, arms control, world and regional economic cooperation etc. and handle multi-lateral diplomatic affairs.
7. To implement the central government guidelines and policies regarding Hong Kong and Macao affairs and the solution of Taiwan issue in rendering diplomatic affairs, in order to promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland.
8. To direct the work of our embassies and consulates to foreign countries and related representative offices abroad.
9. To lead the institutions directly affiliated to the ministry; to administer the foreign affairs work of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Red Cross Society of China and China Song Qing Ling Foundation; to conduct operation guidance for the local foreign affairs offices in collaboration with related provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.
10. To be responsible for the building of diplomatic carder force, as well as their ideological and political work; to submit for approval of the appointments and dismissals of key diplomatic and consulate officials for the Ministry, embassies and consulates as well as representative offices abroad; to administer the establishments and staffing of embassies, consulates to foreign countries and representative offices abroad.
11. To undertake other assignments designated by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.
1. 对国际形势和各国情况进行调查研究,及时掌握重大动向,为中央制定外交战略、方针、政策、策略提供情况和提出建议。
2. 代表国家和政府办理外交事务。
3. 代表国务院或根据授权归口管理有关的涉外事宜。
4. 进行世界经济形势调研,了解国际重大经济信息和外国经济体制、法规等,为我国经济建设和改革开放服务。
5. 从外交政策和国别关系的角度,就对外贸易、经济合作、经援、军援、军贸、侨务、文教、科技、宣传中的一些重大问题,与有关单位协调,向中央反映情况,提出建议。
6. 贯彻执行中央关于多边外交的方针政策,就联合国事务以及人权、军控、世界和地区经济合作等重大问题向中央提出建议,办理多边外交事务。
7. 在外交方面贯彻执行中央关于香港、澳门和解决台湾问题的方针政策,促进祖国和平统一。
8. 领导我驻外使领馆和有关代表机构的工作。
9. 领导部直属单位;代管对外友协和中国红十字会、宋庆龄基金会的外事工作;配合省、自治区、直辖市对地方外事办公室进行业务领导。
10. 负责外交干部队伍的建设和思想政治工作;呈请任免外交部和驻外使领馆及有关代表机构的主要外交、领事官员;受有关部门委托,管理驻外使领馆和有关代表机构的编制。
11. 承办党中央和国务院交办的其他事项。
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