Ministry of Commerce 商务部
 Minister 部长
Chen Deming
男,汉族,1949年生,上海市人,1974年入党,1969年参加工作,南京大学国际商学院管理系企业管理专业毕业,研究生学历,经济学硕士,管理学博士。现任十七届中央候补委员,商务部部长、党组书记。历任江苏省商业厅办公室副主任、省食品公司经理;1985--1993 江苏省商业厅副厅长、党组成员。
Male, Han nationality, born in March 1949 in Shanghai; joined CPC in September 1974 and started work career in April 1969; graduated from the Enterprise Management Section of the Management Department of the School of International Business Nanjing University, with graduate education, Master of Economics, Ph.D of Management; at present, Alternate Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee,Minister and Secretary of the CPC Leading Group of the Ministry of Commerce;Deputy Chief of General Office;   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副部长

Ma Xiuhong

Gao Hucheng

Jiang Zengwei

Zhong Shan

Jiang Yaoping

Yi Xiaozhun


Chen Jian

Fu Ziying

Assistant Ministers 部长助理





Chong Quan

崇 泉

Wang Chao

王 超

Lu Jianhua


Fang Aiqing


Qiu Hong

仇 鸿

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动

Pi Qiansheng, was expelled from the Party and removed from official position, due to serious violation of discipline and law, who previously was Standing Committee Member of Tianjin Municipal Committee, Secretary of Work Committee of Binhai New Area, and Director of Administrative Committee. (2009-06-17)

2、浙江省政协原常委、人口资源环境委员会原主任戴备军因严重违纪被开除党籍公职。 (2009-06-16)

Dai Beijun was expelled from the Party and removed from official position, due to serious violation of discipline, who previously was the Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment. (2009-06-16)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To formulate development strategies, guidelines and policies of domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation, draft laws and regulations governing domestic and foreign trade, economic cooperation and foreign investment and devise implementation rules and regulations; to study and put forward proposals on harmonizing domestic legislations on trade and economic affairs as well as bringing Chinese economic and trade laws into conformity with multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements.
2. To formulate development programs for domestic trade, study and put forth proposals on reforming the commercial distribution system, foster and develop urban and rural markets, promote the restructuring of the commercial distribution sector and improve such modern distribution modalities as chain store operation, modern logistics and e-commerce.
3. To research on and formulate policies for regulating the market operation and distribution order, breaking up market monopoly and regional blockage, to set up and round out an integrated, open, competitive and orderly market system; to monitor and analyze market activities and commodity supply and demand, organize the adjustment of market supply of main consumer goods and regulation of the distribution of major means of production.
4. To study and work out measures for the regulation of import and export commodities and compile a catalogue thereof, organize the implementation of import and export quota plans, decide on quota quantity and issue licenses; to draft and implement import and export commodity quota tendering policies.
5. To formulate and execute policies concerning trade in technology, state import and export control, and policies encouraging the export of technology and complete set of equipment; to push forward the establishment of foreign trade standardization system; to supervise technology import, equipment import, export of domestic technologies subject to state export restriction and re-export of imported technologies, and to issue export licenses pertaining to nuclear non-proliferation.
6. To study, put forth and implement multilateral and bilateral trade and economic cooperation policies, be responsible for multilateral and bilateral negotiations on trade and economic issues, coordinate domestic positions in negotiations with foreign parties, and to sign the relevant documents and monitor their implementation; to establish multilateral and bilateral intergovernmental liaison mechanisms for economic and trade affairs and organize related work; to handle major issues in country-specific economic and trade relationships, regulate trade and economic activities with countries without diplomatic relationship with China; in line with the mandate, to handle the relationship with the World Trade Organization on behalf of the Chinese government, undertake such responsibilities under the framework of the WTO for multilateral and bilateral negotiations, trade policy reviews, dispute settlement, and notifications and inquires.
7. To steer the work of the commercial branches of China’s Permanent Missions to the WTO, to the UN and other relevant international organizations, as well as Chinese embassies in foreign countries; to keep in touch with the representative offices of multilateral and international economic and trade organizations in China and the commercial offices of foreign diplomatic missions in China.
8. To organize and coordinate the work pertaining to antidumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other issues related to fair trade for import and export; to institute a fair trade early warning mechanism for import and export, and organize industrial injury investigations; to guide and coordinate domestic efforts in responding to foreign antidumping, countervailing, and safeguard investigations and other issues concerned.
9. To give general guidance to nationwide efforts in foreign investment; to analyze and look into China's foreign investment developments and submit information concerning the developments and the corresponding proposals to the State Council on a regular basis; to draw up and enforce foreign investment policies and reform schemes, participate in the formulation of mid-term and long-term planning and development strategies for foreign investment utilization; to examine and approve, according to relevant laws, the establishment and changes thereafter of foreign-invested enterprises with foreign input exceeding the state designated ceilings, or engaged in restricted business areas, or in businesses subject to quota and license administration; to verify the contracts and statutes of large-scale projects with foreign investment and their subsequent major changes as stipulated particularly in relevant legislations; to supervise the enforcement of laws, regulations, contracts and statutes by foreign-invested enterprises; to guide and oversee nationwide efforts in attracting foreign investment, investment promotion, as well as the review, approval and import/export of foreign-invested enterprises in China; to comprehensively guide and coordinate the specific work of state-level economic and technological development zones.
10. To be responsible for China's foreign economic cooperation; to formulate and implement policies and regulations on foreign economic cooperation, guide and monitor the regulation of overseas contract projects, labor cooperation and designing and consulting businesses; to work out administrative measures and specific policies guiding China’s overseas investment; to verify and approve overseas investment and establishment of enterprises (excluding financial companies) by Chinese companies and supervise their operations.
11. To be responsible for aid of our country to foreign countries; to formulate and implement foreign aid policies and plans, and sign the relevant agreements; to compile and execute annual foreign aid programs; to supervise and inspect the implementation of foreign aid projects; to manage foreign aid fund, concessional loans, special funds and other foreign aid funds of the government; to facilitate the reform on foreign aid provision modalities.
12. To formulate and implement economic and trade policies as well as mid-term and long-term trade planning for the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan; to hold economic and trade talks with the competent authorities in charge of trade and economic affairs of HK SAR and Macao SAR as well as authorized non-governmental organizations of Taiwan and sign relevant documents; to be in charge of the commercial and trade liaison mechanism between the mainland and the HK SAR and Macao SAR; to organize the direct trading activities with Taiwan, and to be responsible for bilateral and multilateral trade issues involving Taiwan.
13. To be responsible for the training, selection and management of Chinese professionals working in the Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the World Trade Organization, the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Offices of the Chinese Embassies and missions to other international organizations; to guide the work of the chambers of commerce for import and export and other relevant associations and societies.
14. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the State Council.
1. 拟订国内外贸易和国际经济合作的发展战略、方针、政策,起草国内外贸易、国际经济合作和外商投资的法律法规,制定实施细则、规章;研究提出我国 经济贸易法规之间及其与国际多边、双边经贸条约、协定之间的衔接意见。
2. 拟订国内贸易发展规划,研究提出流通体制改革意见,培育发展城乡市场,推进流通产业结构调整和连锁经营、物流配送、电子商务等现代流通方式。
3. 研究拟订规范市场运行、流通秩序和打破市场垄断,地区封锁的政策,建立健全统一、开放、竞争、有序的市场体系;监测分析市场运行和商品供求状况,组织实施重要消费品市场调控和重要生产资料流通管理。
4. 研究制定进出口商品管理办法和进出口商品目录,组织实施进出口配额计划,确定配额、发放许可证;拟订和执行进出口商品配额招标政策。
5. 拟订并执行对外技术贸易、国家进出口管制以及鼓励技术和成套设备出口的政策;推进进出口贸易标准化体系建设;依法监督技术引进、设备进口、国家限制出口的技术和引进技术的出口与再出口工作,依法颁发与防扩散相关的出口许可证。
6. 研究提出并执行多边、双边经贸合作政策;负责多边、双边经贸对外谈判,协调对外谈判意见,签署有关文件并监督执行;建立多边、双边政府间经济和贸易联系机制并组织相关工作;处理国别(地区)经贸关系中的重要事务,管理同未建交国家的经贸活动;根据授权,代表我国政府处理与世界贸易组织的关系,承担我国在世界贸易组织框架下的多边、双边谈判和贸易政策审议、争端解决、通报咨询等工作。
7. 指导我国驻世界贸易组织代表团、常驻联合国及有关国际组织经贸代表机构的工作和我国驻外经济商务机构的有关工作;联系国际多边经贸组织驻中国机构和外国驻中国官方商务机构。
8. 负责组织协调反倾销、反补贴、保障措施及其他与进出口公平贸易相关的工作,建立进出口公平贸易预警机制,组织产业损害调查;指导协调国外对我国出口商品的反倾销、反补贴、保障措施的应诉及相关工作。
9. 宏观指导全国外商投资工作;分析研究全国外商投资情况,定期向国务院报送有关动态和建议,拟订外商投资政策,拟订和贯彻实施改革方案,参与拟订利用外资的中长期发展规划;依法核准国家规定的限额以上、限制投资和涉及配额、许可证管理的外商投资企业的设立及其变更事项;依法核准大型外商投资项目的合同、章程及法律 特别规定的重大变更事项;监督外商投资企业执行有关法律法规、规章及合同、章程的情况;指导和管理全国招商引资、投资促进及外商投资企业的审批和进出口工作,综合协调和指 导国家级经济技术开发区的有关具体工作。
10. 负责全国对外经济合作工作;拟订并执行对外经济合作政策,指导和监督对外承包工程、劳务合作、设计咨询等业务的管理;拟订境外投资的管理办法和具体政策,依法核准国内企业对外投资开办企业(金融企业除外)并实施监督管理。
11. 负责我国对外援助工作;拟订并执行对外援助政策和方案,签署并执行有关协议;编制并执行对外援助计划,监督检查援外项目执行情况,管理援外资金、援外优惠贷款、援外专项基金等我国政府援外资金;推进援外方式改革。
12. 拟订并执行对香港、澳门特别行政区和台湾地区的经贸政策、贸易中长期规划;与香港、澳门特别行政区有关经贸主管机构和台湾受权的民间组织进行经贸谈判并签署有关文件;负责内地与香港、澳门特别行政区商贸联络机制工作;组织实施 对台直接通商工作,处理多边、双边经贸领域的涉台问题。
13. 负责我国驻世界贸易组织代表团、驻外经济商务机构以及有关国际组织代表机构的队伍建设、人员选派和管理;指导进出口商会和有关协会、学会的工作。
14. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
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