Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development 住房和城乡建设部
 Minister 部长
Jiang Weixin
Born in January 1949 in Fuyu County, Heilongjiang Province; In December 1968, started work (as a youth assigned to work in the countryside), joined the CPC in December 1969, graduated from Peking University in 1974;   More  |  详细
 Vice-Minister 副部长

Qiu Baoxing

Chen Dawei

Qi Ji

Guo Yunchong

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动

Pi Qiansheng, was expelled from the Party and removed from official position, due to serious violation of discipline and law, who previously was Standing Committee Member of Tianjin Municipal Committee, Secretary of Work Committee of Binhai New Area, and Director of Administrative Committee. (2009-06-17)

2、浙江省政协原常委、人口资源环境委员会原主任戴备军因严重违纪被开除党籍公职。 (2009-06-16)

Dai Beijun was expelled from the Party and removed from official position, due to serious violation of discipline, who previously was the Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment. (2009-06-16)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To be responsible for the guarantee of housing for low-income families in cities and townships; to formulate policies regarding housing security and guide implementation accordingly; to formulate programs and policies regarding low-rent housing, ensure the proper arrangement of central funds for low-rent housing in collaboration with relevant departments, and supervise the localities in organizing implementation accordingly; to compile development programs and annual plans for housing security and supervise implementation accordingly.
2. To be responsible for pushing forward the reform of housing system; to formulate a housing system compatible with Chinese conditions, guide the housing construction and housing system reform, formulate national housing construction programs and guide implementation accordingly, and study and put forward policy suggestions on major issues of housing and urban-rural development.
3. To be responsible for the normalization of administrative order for housing and urban-rural development; to draft laws and regulations of housing and urban-rural development and formulate department provisions; to compile and implement urban-rural programs according to law, formulate policies, regulations and rules for urban-rural programs, and compile city and township system programs in collaboration with relevant departments; to review and submit for approval of the city master programs and provincial city and township programs as entrusted by the State Council and supervise their implementation, participate in the review and verification of overall program guidelines of land utilization and formulate S&T development programs and economic policies for housing and urban-rural development.
4. To be responsible for the establishment of standard system which is scientific and normal for project construction; to enact state standards for implementation of project construction, enact and promulgate unified state quota and sector standards for project construction, formulate administrative rules for feasibility-study appraisal methods, economic parameters, construction standards and project costs of construction projects, formulate construction standards for public service facilities (excluding communication facilities)and supervise implementation accordingly, guide the implementation of construction standards and calculation of project costs for various projects, and release information of projects costs.
5. To be responsible for the normalization of real estate market order and the supervision and administration of real estate market; to formulate regulatory policies for real estate market in collaboration or coordination with relevant departments and supervise implementation accordingly, guide the compensated transfer of land use rights and the development and utilization of city and township land, propose sector development programs and industrial policies for real estate industry, formulate regulations and rules in respect of real estate development, housing ownership administration, housing rental and leasing, floor space management, real estate evaluation and brokerage administration, property management administration and housing expropriation, demolition and resettlement, and supervise implementation accordingly.
6. To manage building construction market, regulate behaviors of all parties in the market; to guide the building construction market across the country, implement supervision and law enforcement over tendering and bidding activities for housing and municipal utility projects, formulate regulations and rules for survey, design, construction and supervision, and supervise implementation, formulate development strategies, mid-term and long-term programs, reform plans, industrial policies, regulations and rules for project construction, building industry and survey and design sectors and supervise their implementation, formulate regulations and rules for normalizing the behavior of all parties in the building construction market and supervise implementation accordingly, and coordinate building enterprises in participating in contracting of international projects and labor service cooperation on building construction projects. 
7. To study and formulate policies and programs for city construction and guide implementation accordingly, guide the administration of municipal utility projects in respect of construction, safety and emergency response, formulate development programs and policies for state sceneries and well-known places and guide implementation accordingly, review and submit for approval the state-level sceneries and well-known places and supervise their administration, organize the review and verification of the application for world natural heritage, organize the review and verification of application for both world natural heritage and world cultural heritage in collaboration with cultural heritage departments, and protect, supervise and administer the famous historic and cultural cities (townships and villages) in collaboration with cultural heritage departments.
8. To normalize the village and township constructions and guide the nationwide construction of villages and township; to formulate policies for village and small township construction and guide their implementation, guide the compilation of village and township programs, rural housing construction and safety, as well as rectification of dangerous housing, guide the improvement of living habitat environment of small cities and villages, and guide the construction of state key townships. 
9. To be responsible for the supervision of building quality and safety; to formulate policies, regulations and rules for the building project quality, work safety, inspection and acceptance and recording of construction projects and supervise their implementation, organize or participate in the investigation and addressing of major project quality or safety accidents, formulate technical policies for building industry, project survey, design and consultation industry and supervise implementation accordingly.
10. To be responsible for the promotion of building energy-saving, emission reduction for cities and townships and supervise their implementation, organize the implementation of energy-saving projects for major buildings, and push forward emission reduction in cities and townships.
11. To be responsible for the supervision and administration of public housing provident fund (PHPF), guarantee the effective utilization and safety of PHPF; to formulate policies and development programs for PHPF and organize implementation accordingly, to enact rules for the deposit, utilization, administration and supervision of PHPF, supervise the management, utilization and safety of PHPF across the country and other housing funds, and manage the PHPF information system.

To conduct international exchanges and cooperation in respect of housing and urban-rural development.

13. To undertake other assignments as designated by the State Council.

1. 承担保障城镇低收入家庭住房的责任。拟订住房保障相关政策并指导实施。拟订廉租住房规划及政策,会同有关部门做好中央有关廉租住房资金安排,监督地方组织实施。编制住房保障发展规划和年度计划并监督实施。
2. 承担推进住房制度改革的责任。拟订适合国情的住房政策,指导住房建设和住房制度改革,拟订全国住房建设规划并指导实施,研究提出住房和城乡建设重大问题的政策建议。
3. 承担规范住房和城乡建设管理秩序的责任。起草住房和城乡建设的法律法规草案,制定部门规章。依法组织编制和实施城乡规划,拟订城乡规划的政策和规章制度,会同有关部门组织编制全国城镇体系规划,负责国务院交办的城市总体规划、省域城镇体系规划的审查报批和监督实施,参与土地利用总体规划纲要的审查,拟订住房和城乡建设的科技发展规划和经济政策。
4. 承担建立科学规范的工程建设标准体系的责任。组织制定工程建设实施阶段的国家标准,制定和发布工程建设全国统一定额和行业标准,拟订建设项目可行性研究评价方法、经济参数、建设标准和工程造价的管理制度,拟订公共服务设施(不含通信设施)建设标准并监督执行,指导监督各类工程建设标准定额的实施和工程造价计价,组织发布工程造价信息。
5. 承担规范房地产市场秩序、监督管理房地产市场的责任。会同或配合有关部门组织拟订房地产市场监管政策并监督执行,指导城镇土地使用权有偿转让和开发利用工作,提出房地产业的行业发展规划和产业政策,制定房地产开发、房屋权属管理、房屋租赁、房屋面积管理、房地产估价与经纪管理、物业管理、房屋征收拆迁的规章制度并监督执行。 
6. 监督管理建筑市场、规范市场各方主体行为。指导全国建筑活动,组织实施房屋和市政工程项目招投标活动的监督执法,拟订勘察设计、施工、建设监理的法规和规章并监督和指导实施,拟订工程建设、建筑业、勘察设计的行业发展战略、中长期规划、改革方案、产业政策、规章制度并监督执行,拟订规范建筑市场各方主体行为的规章制度并监督执行,组织协调建筑企业参与国际工程承包、建筑劳务合作。
7. 研究拟订城市建设的政策、规划并指导实施,指导城市市政公用设施建设、安全和应急管理,拟订全国风景名胜区的发展规划、政策并指导实施,负责国家级风景名胜区的审查报批和监督管理,组织审核世界自然遗产的申报,会同文物等有关主管部门审核世界自然与文化双重遗产的申报,会同文物主管部门负责历史文化名城(镇、村)的保护和监督管理工作。  
8. 承担规范村镇建设、指导全国村镇建设的责任。拟订村庄和小城镇建设政策并指导实施,指导村镇规划编制、农村住房建设和安全及危房改造,指导小城镇和村庄人居生态环境的改善工作,指导全国重点镇的建设。
9. 承担建筑工程质量安全监管的责任。拟订建筑工程质量、建筑安全生产和竣工验收备案的政策、规章制度并监督执行,组织或参与工程重大质量、安全事故的调查处理,拟订建筑业、工程勘察设计咨询业的技术政策并指导实施。
10. 承担推进建筑节能、城镇减排的责任。会同有关部门拟订建筑节能的政策、规划并监督实施,组织实施重大建筑节能项目,推进城镇减排。 
11. 负责住房公积金监督管理,确保公积金的有效使用和安全。会同有关部门拟订住房公积金政策、发展规划并组织实施,制定住房公积金缴存、使用、管理和监督制度,监督全国住房公积金和其他住房资金的管理、使用和安全,管理住房公积金信息系统。
12. 开展住房和城乡建设方面的国际交流与合作。
13. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。

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