Ministry of Justice 司法部
 Minister 部长
Wu Aiying
女,汉族,1951年生,山东省昌乐县人, 1970年加入中国共产党,1973年参加工作,中央党校研究生学历。 1971年至1973年,山东大学政治系学生、校党委委员、班党支部副书记、副班长;
Female, Han nationality, born in December 1951 in Changle County, Shandong Province; joined CPC in October 1970, started work in August 1973; 1971-1973 student, member of school CPC party committee, Deputy Secretary of CPC party branch ...   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副部长

Chen Xunqiu

Zhang Sujun

Hao Chiyong

Zhao Dacheng

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
1、 任命张丕民为国家广播电影电视总局副局长。

Zhang Pimin was appointed Deputy Director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television.


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To supervise and guide the execution of penalties and reformation of criminals in prisons across the country and supervise and guide labor rehabilitation in the country;
2. To formulate plans for the publicity and education of state laws and popularize common knowledge of laws and organize their implementation; to guide,investigate and inspect the legal governance of every regions and every sectors; to guide external publicity of governing by law and administer legal newspapers and magazines;
3. To supervise and guide the lawyers work and legal consultations across the country; to administer the social legal service agencies and foreign attorney’s offices set up in China;
4. To supervise and guide notarization agencies and notarial operations, be responsible for the notarizations applicable in inland entrusted to be done by lawyers of Hong Kong and Macao regions;
5. To guide the work of people’s mediation and judicial assistants;
6. To administer political and law high schools, guide medium and high level law educations and law ethics research;
7. To organize the participation in UN conventions and activities in respect of crime prevention, undertake exchange operations with UN counterpart departments, organize the participation in international law symposia and exchange activities on human rights issues, conduct inter-governmental legal exchanges and cooperation;
8. To participate in negotiations for the signing of judicial assistance treaties, take charge of the implementation of judicial assistance treaties;
9. To participate in state law legislations, organize research on judicial issues concerning human rights;
10. To supervise the value preserve and increase of state-owned assets of large scale prisons, labor rehabilitation camps and administer state-owned assets of directly affiliated institutions;
11. To guide the cadre forces building and ideological and political work in the national judicial and administrative organizations, assist the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in administrating leading cadres of their respective judicial bureaus.
1. 监督和指导全国监狱执行刑罚、改造罪犯的工作,监督和指导全国劳动教养工作;
2. 制定全国法制宣传教育和普及法律常识规划并组织实施,指导和检查各地区、各行业的依法治理工作,指导对外法制宣传工作,管理法制报刊;
3. 监督和指导全国的律师工作和法律顾问工作,管理社会法律服务机构和在华设立的外国(境外)律师机构;
4. 监督和指导全国公证机构和公证业务活动,负责委托港澳地区律师办理在内地使用的公证事务;
5. 指导全国的人民调解和司法助理员工作;
6. 管理部直属的高等政法院校,指导全国的中等、高等法学教育工作和法学理论研究工作;
7. 组织参加联合国有关预防犯罪领域的会议和活动,承办联合国有关对口部门的往来业务,组织参加国际有关人权问题的法律研讨和交流活动、开展政府间的法律交流与合作;
8. 参加与外国签订司法协助协定的谈判,负责国际司法协助协定执行的有关事宜;
9. 参与国家立法工作,组织司法领域人权问题研究;
10. 监督大型监狱、劳动教养场所国有资产的保值增值,管理直属单位的国有资产;
11. 指导全国司法行政系统的队伍建设和思想政治工作,协助省、自治区、直辖市管理司法厅(局)领导干部。
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