The People's Bank of China 中国人民银行
 Governor 行长
Zhou Xiaochuan
Born in 1948; 1975 graduated from Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute; 1985 received Ph.D from Tsinghua University; 1986-1991 Member of the State Economic System Restructuring Committee; 1986-1989 Assistant Minister;Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economics Cooperation; 1991-1995 Vice President   More  |  详细
 Vice-Governor 副行长

Su Ning
苏 宁

Hu Xiaolian

Liu Shiyu

Ma Delun

Yi Gang

Assistant Ministers 部长助理









Du Jinfu



Li Dongrong


Guo Qingping



Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
Zhang Pimin was appointed Deputy Director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television.(2009.8.4)

Li Yang was appointed Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Science.(2009.8.4)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To draft and enforce relevant laws and administrative regulations; to round out the operation rules for financial institutions; to promulgate decrees and provisions in respect of function and responsibility performances;
2. To enact and implement monetary policies in accordance with law;
3. To regulate financial markets, including the inter-bank lending market, the inter-bank bond market, foreign exchange market and gold market;
4. To prevent and mitigate systemic financial risks in order to safeguard financial stability;
5. To determine the Renminbi exchange rate, maintain the Renminbi exchange rate at reasonable level; to exercise control on foreign exchange; to hold and manage the state foreign exchange and gold reserves;
6. To issue the Renminbi and administer its circulation;
7. To manage the State Treasury;
8. To enact payment and settlement rules and organize their implementation in collaboration with relevant departments, and ensure the normal operation of payment and settlement systems;
9. To develop statistical system for the financial industry and organize their implementation; to be responsible for the consolidation of financial statistics as well as the macro economic analysis and forecast;
10. To organize and coordinate anti-money laundering work, guide and deploy the anti-money laundering work in the financial sector and monitor money-laundering related suspicious funds;
11. To administer credit reporting industry and promote the building of credit information system;
12. To participating in international financial activities in the capacity of the central bank;
13. To engage in financial operations in line with relevant rules;
14. To undertake other assignments assigned by the State Council.
1. 起草有关法律和行政法规;完善有关金融机构运行规则;发布与履行职责有关的命令和规章。
2. 依法制定和执行货币政策。
3. 监督管理银行间同业拆借市场和银行间债券市场、外汇市场、黄金市场。
4. 防范和化解系统性金融风险,维护国家金融稳定。
5. 确定人民币汇率政策;维护合理的人民币汇率水平;实施外汇管理;持有、管理和经营国家外汇储备和黄金储备。
6. 发行人民币,管理人民币流通。
7. 经理国库。
8. 会同有关部门制定支付结算规则,维护支付、清算系统的正常运行。
9. 制定和组织实施金融业综合统计制度,负责数据汇总和宏观经济分析与预测。
10. 组织协调国家反洗钱工作,指导、部署金融业反洗钱工作,承担反洗钱的资金监测职责。
11. 管理信贷征信业,推动建立社会信用体系。
12. 作为国家的中央银行,从事有关国际金融活动。
13. 按照有关规定从事金融业务活动。
14. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
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