State Administration for Industry and Commerce 国家工商行政管理总局
 Minister 部长
Zhou Bohua
男,1948年7月出生,汉族,湖南湘潭人,研究生,1970年12月加入中国共产党,1968年12月参加工作。1968-78年,任株洲硬质合金厂工人、车间团支部书记、厂党委办秘书、团委副书记、车间党支部副书记、书记; 1978-81年,任株洲焊接器材厂党委副书记、书记。
Male, Han Nationality, born in July 1948 in Xangtan,Hunan province, with master degree, Joined CPC in December, and started working in December in 1968.1968-78 Started work as a worker and assumed positions.   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副局长

Liu Yuting
Fu Shuangjian
Liu Fan
Wang Dongfeng
Zhong Youping

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
1、 任命张丕民为国家广播电影电视总局副局长。

Zhang Pimin was appointed Deputy Director of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television.


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To study and formulate guidelines and policies on the administration of industry and commerce and organize the drafting of related laws and regulations; to enact and promulgate administrative provisions for industry and commerce.
2. To administer, according to law, the registration of various enterprises (including foreign-invested enterprises), organizations or individuals engaging in business activities as well as resident representative offices of foreign companies; to verify the names of registering institutions; to review, approve and issue business licenses, and supervise and administer accordingly.
3. To supervise the market competition behaviors, investigate into illegal economic practices including monopoly, unfair competition, smuggling, selling of smuggled goods, pyramid selling and disguised pyramid selling, and mete out corresponding penalties according to law.
4. To supervise market transactions, the quality of commodities in the circulation field; to investigate and penalize illegal behaviors such as distribution of fake and/or substandard goods, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both entrepreneurs and consumers.
5. To carry out standard supervision and administration in accordance with law to ensure the order of business operations in various markets.
6. To regulate the operations of brokers and brokerage agencies according to law.
7. To regulate contract performance, administer the registration of movable collaterals and regulate auction behaviors; to investigate and penalize contract frauds and other illegal practices.
8. To supervise and administer advertising activities, investigate and penalize illegal practices.
9. To take charge of trademark registration and administration, protect exclusive use right of trademarks, investigate and penalize trademark infringements and reinforce certification and protection of well-known trademarks.
10. To regulate the business practices of self-employed, private partnerships and private enterprises.
11. To lead the nationwide administration of industry and commerce.
12. To carry out international cooperation and exchanges in respect of industrial and commercial administration.
13. To undertake other assignments designated by the State Council.
1. 研究拟定工商行政管理的方针、政策,组织起草有关法律、法规草案,制定并发布工商行政管理规章。
2. 依法组织管理各类企业(包括外商投资企业)和从事经营活动的单位、个人以及外国(地区)企业常驻 代表机构的注册,核定注册单位名称,审定、批准、颁发有关证照并实行监督管理。
3. 依法组织监督市场竞争行为,查处垄断、不正当竞争、走私贩私、传销和变相传销等经济违法行为。
4. 依法组织监督市场交易行为,组织监督流通领域商品质量,组织查处假冒伪劣等违法行为,保护经营者、消费者合法权益。
5. 依法对各类市场经营秩序实施规范管理和监督。
6. 依法组织监管经纪人、经纪机构。
7. 依法组织实施合同行政监管,组织管理动产抵押物登记,组织监管拍卖行为,查处合同欺诈等违法行为。
8. 依法对广告进行监督管理,查处违法行为。
9. 负责商标注册和商标管理工作,保护商标专用权,组织查处商标侵权行为,加强驰名商标的认证和保护。
10. 织监管个体工商户、个人合伙和私营企业的经营行为。
11. 领导全国工商行政管理业务工作。
12. 开展工商行政管理方面的国际合作与交流。
13. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
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