State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 国资委
 Minister 主任
Li Rongrong
1944年出生于江苏苏州市,1968年参加工作,中共党员,大学学历,高级工程师。1963年在天津大学化学工程系电化学工学专业学习,1968年 任工人、车间主任、副厂长、厂长。
Born in Suzhou Jiangsu in 1944, started work in 1968, the CPC member, college degree, senior engineer; 1963 Studied electrochemistry engineering in the Chemistry Engineering Department in Tianjin University; 1968 Worker, workshop manager, vice factory manager, and then factory manager...   More  |  详细
 Vice-Ministers 副主任


Li Wei

Huang Shuhe

 Shao Ning

Huang Danhua 

Jin Yang

Meng Jianmin

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
1、 崔世安当选为澳门特区第三任行政长官人选。(2009.7.26) Chui Sai On was elected the third-term Chief Executive of Macao SAR. (2009.7.26) 2、 香港特区政府康乐及文化事务署署长周达明将于今年8月17日出任发展局常任秘书长,接替休假后前往海外进修的杨立门;特区政府新闻处处长冯程淑仪将于今年8月31日出任康乐及文化事务署署长;特区政府教育局副秘书长黄伟纶将于今年8月31日出任新闻处处长;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂德权将于今年8月15日出任社会福利署署长;特区政府土地注册处处长苏启龙将于今年8月10日出任效率促进组专员;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂世兰将于今年8月24日出任土地注册处处长。(2009.7.21) Zhou Daming, Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department, will take the office of Permanent Secretary for Development Bureau. Feng Cheng Shuyi, Director General of the Information Service Department, will take office of Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department. Huang Weilun, Deputy Secretary of the Education Bureau, will take office of Director of the Information Service Department. Nie Dequan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of Director of the Social Welfare Department. Su Qilong, Director of the Land Registry, will take office of Commissioner of the Efficiency Unit. Nie Shilan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of the Director of the Land Registry. (2009.7.21)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To perform investor's obligations and responsibilities, guide and push forward the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises according to the authorization by the State Council and in accordance with "Company Law of the People's Republic of China" and other administrative regulations; to supervise the preservation and increment of the value of state-owned assets of enterprises under the Commission's supervision, strengthen the management of state-owned assets; to push forward the building of modern enterprise systems in SOEs, and round out corporate governance structure; and drive for the strategic adjustment of the structure and deployment of the state economy.
2. To dispatch supervisory panels to some large enterprises on behalf of the state; to be responsible for daily management of the supervisory panels.

To appoint and dismiss top executives of enterprises and evaluate their performances through legal processes, administer rewards or punishment according to their performances for the enterprises; to establish corporate executive selection and administrative systems as demanded for by the system of socialist market economy and modern enterprise system, and improve the system of incentive and restraint for corporate executives.

4. To supervise and administer the value preservation and increment of state-owned assets under the Commission's supervision through statistics and auditing; to establish and improve the quota system of the value preservation and increment of state-owned assets, and work out assessment criteria; to protect the rights and interests of the investors of state-owned assets.
5. To draft laws, administrative regulations regarding the management of the state-owned assets and work out related provisions and rules; to guide and supervise the management of local state-owned assets according to law.
6. To undertake other assignments as designated by the State Council.
1. 根据国务院授权,依照《中华人民共和国公司法》等法律和行政法规履行出资 人职责,指 导推进国有企业改革和重组;对所监管企业国有资产的保值增值进行监督,加强国有资产的管理工作;推进国有企业的现代企业制度建设,完善公司治理结构;推动国有经济结构和布局的战略性调整。
2. 代表国家向部分大型企业派出监事会;负责监事会的日常管理工作。


4. 通过统计、稽核对所监管国有资产的保值增值情况进行监管;建立和完善国有资产保值增值指标体系,拟订考核标准;维护国有资产出资人的权益。
5. 起草国有资产管理的法律、行政法规,制定有关规章制度;依法对地方国有资产管理进行指导和监督。
6. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
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