State Administration of Taxation 国家税务总局
 Commissioner 局长
Xiao Jie
Male, Han Nationality, born in June, 1957 in Kaiyuan, Liaoning; h.D; arted work in March, 1976; joined CPC in August, 1958. At present is secretary of Party Leadership Group and commissioner of state Administration of Taxation.   More  |  详细
 Deputy Commissioner 副局长

Qian Guanlin

Xie Xuezhi

Wang Li

Song Lan

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动

1、吴建融,拟任上海市发展和改革委员会副主任、市物价局局长。 周亚,拟任上海市发展和改革委员会副主任。(2009-7-13)
Wu Jianrong is planned to be appointed Director of Shanghai's Development and Reform Bureau and Price Bureau. Zhou Ya is planned to be appointed Deputy Director of Shanghai's Development and Reform Bureau. (2009-7-13)


Ji Chuntang was relieved of duties as deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress by Hebei Provincial Standing Committee; Xia Zhengui was relieved of duties as deputy to the Eleventh National People's Congress by Shanxi Provincial Standing Committee.(2009-06-29)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To draft tax laws and regulations; enact detailed rules for their implementation; to put forward suggestions on tax policies, and together with the Ministry of Finance, review the suggestions and submit them to the State Council and enact implementation measures accordingly.
2. To participate in the study on macro-economic policies and the distribution of taxation rights between the Central Government and localities, and put forward suggestions on the improvement of tax-sharing system; to study the total tax burden level and put forward suggestions on the application of taxation instruments for macro adjustment and control; to enact regulations and rules for taxation operations and supervise their implementation; to guide the collection and management operations of local taxation.
3. To organize the implementation of the reform for taxation collection and management system; to enact collection and management rules; to supervise and inspect taxation laws, regulations, guidelines and policies and implement accordingly.
4. To organize the collection and administration for central taxes, shared taxes and contributions to state-designated funds; to compile long-term tax revenue programs and annual plans; to interpret issues concerning tax collection and administration and general tax policy issues in the implementation of tax laws and regulations; to organize and handle the industrial and business taxation reduction and exemption, as well as the agricultural tax reduction and exemption for specially big disasters etc..
5. To conduct international exchanges and cooperation in the field of taxation; to participate in the negotiation, initialization and execution of foreign-related agreements and treaties.
6. To handle the collection of excise tax on import and export commodities and export tax refund.
7. To administer personnel affairs, salary, institutional establishments and expenses of SAT local offices; to administer the directors and deputy directors of provincial SAT offices or cadres of similar ranks, and propose the appointment or dismissal of directors for provincial tax offices.
8. To be responsible for education and training of tax staff at all levels and their ideological and political work and the building of spiritual civilization.
9. To organize taxation publicity and theoretical research; to implement the administration of certified tax processors; to normalize the taxation agency behaviors.
10. To undertake other assignments designated by the State Council.
11. The State Administration of Taxation exercises direct management over the state taxation institutions of the whole country and collaborates with the provincial people’s governments to conduct dual leadership over the local provincial taxation bureaus.
1. 拟定税收法律法规草案,制定实施细则;提出国家税收政策建议并与财政部共同审议上报、制定贯彻落实的措施。
2. 参与研究宏观经济政策、中央与地方的税权划分,提出完善分税制的建议;研究税负总水平,提出运用税收手段进行宏观调控的建议;制定并监督执行税收业务的规章制度;指导地方税收征管业务。
3. 组织实施税收征收管理体制改革;制定征收管理制度;监督检查税收法律法规、方针政策的贯彻执行。
4. 组织实施中央税、共享税、农业税及国家指定的基金(费)的征收管理;编报税收长远规划和年度税收收入计划;对税收法律法规执行过程中的征管和一般性税政问题进行解释;组织办理工商税收减免及农业税特大灾歉减免等具体事项。
5. 开展税收领域的国际交流与合作;参加涉外税收的国际谈判,草签和执行有关的协议、协定。
6. 办理进出口商品的税收及出口退税业务。
7. 管理国家税务局系统(以下简称国税系统)的人事、劳动工资、机构编制和经费;管理省级国家税务局的正副局长及相应级别的干部,对省级地方税务局局长任免提出意见。
8. 负责税务队伍的教育培训、思想政治工作和精神文明建设;管理直属院校。
9. 组织税收宣传和理论研究;组织实施注册税务师的管理;规范税务代理行为。
10. 承办国务院交办的其他事项。
11. 国家税务总局对全国国税系统实行垂直管理,协同省级人民政府对省级地方税务局实行双重领导。
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