State Electricity Regulatory Commission 国家电力监管委员会
 Chairman 主席
Wang Xudong
Male, Han nationality, born in January, 1946 in Yancheng, Jiangsu. Joined the CPC in 1972. Graduate at System and Engineering department in Tianjin Science and Technology Learning Institute in 1982.   More  |  详细
 Vice-Chairman 副主席

Shi Yubo

Wang Yumin

Wang Yeping

Personnel Changes 重要官员人事变动
1、 崔世安当选为澳门特区第三任行政长官人选。(2009.7.26) Chui Sai On was elected the third-term Chief Executive of Macao SAR. (2009.7.26) 2、 香港特区政府康乐及文化事务署署长周达明将于今年8月17日出任发展局常任秘书长,接替休假后前往海外进修的杨立门;特区政府新闻处处长冯程淑仪将于今年8月31日出任康乐及文化事务署署长;特区政府教育局副秘书长黄伟纶将于今年8月31日出任新闻处处长;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂德权将于今年8月15日出任社会福利署署长;特区政府土地注册处处长苏启龙将于今年8月10日出任效率促进组专员;特区政府食物及卫生局副秘书长聂世兰将于今年8月24日出任土地注册处处长。(2009.7.21) Zhou Daming, Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department, will take the office of Permanent Secretary for Development Bureau. Feng Cheng Shuyi, Director General of the Information Service Department, will take office of Director of the Leisure and Culture Services Department. Huang Weilun, Deputy Secretary of the Education Bureau, will take office of Director of the Information Service Department. Nie Dequan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of Director of the Social Welfare Department. Su Qilong, Director of the Land Registry, will take office of Commissioner of the Efficiency Unit. Nie Shilan, Deputy Secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, will take office of the Director of the Land Registry. (2009.7.21)


Main Functions 主要职责
English 中文
1. To be responsible for the overall regulation of the national electric power sector, establish a coherent system for regulatory organization and exercise direct leadership over its resident branches.
2. To develop laws and regulations, as well as relevant amendments, on sector regulation, formulate regulatory rules for the sector; to establish rules for electricity market operations.
3. To participate in the formulation of development programs for the sector; propose development programs for electricity markets and market deployment for regional electric power markets; to review and confirm operational modalities for the electricity market and the establishment of electricity control and trading arrangements.
4. To regulate electricity market operations, ensure orderly and fair competition in the market; to regulate transmission, distribution and non-competitive generation businesses.
5. To participate in the stipulation and enforcement of safety and technical standards, quantitative and qualitative codes for electricity industry, issue and administer business licenses, enforce environmental laws, regulations and maintain business licenses, enforce environmental laws, regulations and standards for the sector in collaboration with environmental protection agencies.
6. To propose rate adjustments to government pricing authority on the basis of market conditions, review rate levels, and regulate fees and charges for ancillary services.
7. To be responsible for the supervisions and administration of electric power safety; to formulate emergency plans for the handling of major electric power production safety accidents and establish emergency addressing rules for major electric power production safety accidents.
8. To investigate violations of laws and regulations in the electricity market and by electric power enterprises and address disputes in electricity market according to law.
9. To supervise the implementation of the policy for universal service to the society and propose adjustment of the policy accordingly; to gather statistics of the electricity market and release related information.
10. To organize the implementation of electricity system reform programs in accordance with the State Council direction deployment, and put forward suggestion for deepening the reform.
11. To undertake other assignments designated by the State Council.
1. 负责全国电力监管工作,建立统一的电力监管体系,对国家电力监管委员会的派出机构实行垂直领导。
2. 研究提出电力监管法律法规的制定或修改建议,制定电力监管规章,制定电力市场运行规则。
3. 参与国家电力发展规划的制定,拟定电力市场发展规划和区域电力市场设置方案,审定电力市场运营模式和电力调度交易机构设立方案。
4. 监管电力市场运行,规范电力市场秩序,维护公平竞争;监管输电、供电和非竞争性发电业务。
5. 参与电力技术、安全、定额和质量标准的制定并监督检查,颁发和管理电力业务许可证,协同环保部门对电力行业执行环保政策、法规和标准进行监督检查。
6. 根据市场情况,向政府价格主管部门提出调整电价建议;监督检查有关电价;监管各项辅助服务收费标准。
7. 具体负责电力安全监督管理工作。制订重大电力生产安全事故处置预案,建立重大电力生产安全事故应急处置制度。
8. 依法对电力市场、电力企业违法违规行为进行调查,处理电力市场纠纷。
9. 负责监督电力社会普遍服务政策的实施,研究提出调整电力社会普遍服务政策的建议;负责电力市场统计和信息发布。
10. 按照国务院的部署,组织实施电力体制改革方案,提出深化改革的建议。
11. 承办国务院交办的其它事项。
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